Mr. Rutell has helped me improve my relationship with my husband after many years of unsuccessful attempts in the past. I feel better about myself and I am able to get my needs meet more often which has positively affected my entire family. I highly recommend Aaron for therapy when you want to make changes in your life for the better.

    - Kim

    Aaron helped me work on my relationship with my husband and my children.  Just being able to talk and have someone really listen helped me. I feel the counseling I did with Aaron helped me a lot and things are much better for me and my family.

    - Alyssa

    Aaron really helped me deal with my past, I understand that I can’t change it, but I have moved on and I am no longer scared by it.  I have more respect for myself, my husband and my family; and I feel more confident and in control in my work.  I feel I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life and I can’t thank Aaron enough for helping me get to this place.

    - Leanne

    Aaron was my therapist for months. I had very dark issues that I was unable to face alone and intimidated by speaking about them out loud with anyone (especially a man). Such a professional, and with his training in EMDR and his skill set, I was able to move through some extremely painful experiences from my past. Aaron was gentle enough to be compassionate and strong enough to push me in a way that was never misguided. I owe a lot to Aaron today for some of the revelations that I had during tre

    - April

    This is a truly client-oriented agency. The use of EMDR therapy is a very productive and complimentary addition to traditional talk therapy. When life gives you too much to deal with on your own, this agency should be your first choice in getting the support and the clarity you need to create positive changes!

    - L.

    Aaron has helped me work through a lot of the anger I have held onto from the past, from my family, and helped me deal with it in a positive way in the present. My wife has commented on the changes in my mood and how I talk with her without becoming angry. My relationship with my her is much better now and I am really happy with where I am in life. Aaron has my complete endorsement.

    - Dan

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